Important factors to look after before choosing bike rental in SF

Whenever you are in San Francisco, it is most likely that you would love to take a bike tour! One of the most unique and appealing experiences is riding a bike across the Golden Gate Bridge. Some of you may also like the other attractions that will come along your ways such as the Fisherman’s Wharf and a clear look at Alcatraz from the ferry on your way back to San Francisco. However, if you want to have a fun time with the services of bike rental in SF, then it is essential to go through certain basics. Let’s find out some of them!

How much will you be paying?

The first thing you should keep in mind is the expected cost of the bike rental. Generally, you would have to dole out $30- $36 per day to hire an adult bike. You can also get reasonable discounts from bike rental companies through online booking.

Timing does matter!

Picking out the perfect time also matters a lot in enjoying a bike trip across the Golden Gate Bridge. You would like to have a bike trip without too much crowd and weekday mornings are the perfect time to have that! Furthermore, if you like a bit more solitude, then the night would be the perfect time as there will be no people at all on the bridge. However, be careful when biking at night and have a front light and reflectors in place to see the road.

Be aware of the journey

While looking for a bike rental in SF, you should also note how much time you will be spending on the golden gate bridge tour. Starting from Fisherman’s Wharf and ending in Sausalito, the total route covers almost 8.2 miles. You could also stop for clicking some pictures or have snacks along the way.

The total duration of the ride across the golden gate bridge to Sausalito would be around 1 to 2 hours. On the way back, many bikers prefer to take the ferry ride for the return trip. However, it is important to book your Ferry tickets in advance just to be careful.

Bring in the essentials

Apart from a good bike rental in SF, you also need to be equipped with necessary items for enjoying your bike ride across the Golden Gate Bridge. Don’t overdo it and bring only the essentials to keep your backpack as light as possible! Your camera, sunglasses, hat, binoculars, water, sunscreen, gloves, chap-stick, and a windbreaker are some of the essentials that shall be covered.

Finally, it is important to have fun with your bike riding experience across the Golden Gate Bridge. All you need to do is enjoy responsibly by following all the rules!